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According to a report by the EPA analysis of Facts and Figures about Materials, Waste and Recycling, about 80% of furniture go to landfill. Canvas is trying to focus on how to make a sustainable home environment by suggesting reusable parts which can create furniture that user needs now. As much as they use the system, it would help reduce overproduction and furniture waste.​

Furniture waste 2023 - Ph. Jinyoung Kim



Canvas is a Tool-free Modular system furniture that can be assembled as a small desk object also can extend to three dimension with sizes and shapes you need. The furniture can disassemble easily with a portable sizes to be able to move and use in different environments. The item is also available as a parts so you can create your special custom furniture by matching different color parts you want also can change anytime you want Like a changing clothes. Canvas is designed to be replaceable and recyclable to encourage and support long term use. 




TO X, Y, Z

The canvas can be extended both horizontally and vertically, allowing for flexibility in its dimensions as per the specific requirements.


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